Visual Biographies

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and our Visual Biographies are short, picture-based ways to tell personal stories. They go deep fast and deliver insights at a glance for today’s audiences—family and friends of an individual, business professionals, students, professors, and others. The images used in Visual Biographies range from digital graphics to pencil drawings and richly colored cartoons—sometimes all three are combined in one Visual Biography. We create Visual Biographies in three formats:

Digital Flipbook

These are handsomely designed electronic flipbooks that are 5-15 pages long and can be posted on websites, distributed through social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook), and viewed again and again by people at their computers and mobile devices.

Artistic Print

These put each frame from the electronic flipbook onto a large single page. This page is printed on high quality paper and framed in a high-end frame.

Attractive Booklet

These 5-15 page small booklets are printed and presented nicely (e.g., rolled up and tied with a ribbon). They make a great tabletop decoration or take-away for any event—award ceremony, birthday party, retirement, etc. The key to making a great Visual Biography is the willingness to start with tons of information and go straight to the core of the traits, actions, and decisions—for better or worse—that comprise a person’s life. Sainthood isn’t interesting. People don’t relate to perfection, they relate to real people, and this is what Visual Biographies try to do in one glance.

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