Venture Development Consulting

The Braun Group also provides select clients with venture development consulting. Although this is different from its biographies and memoirs work, there is a common link—sometimes a strategy needs to be told as a story, but other times a story (or a region, a start-up company, a new product) needs to be turned into a business strategy. Business stories and business strategies are very similar; The Braun Group specializes in providing both. We typically work on projects that combine seed and venture capital with economic development. For instance, The Braun Group provides clients with:

Becca Braun is the lead partner in these projects and brings in team members as appropriate. Becca is a serial entrepreneur. She most recently was a founding team member of JumpStart Inc. and president of its JumpStart Ventures line of business, spearheading investments in 50 companies that have attracted over $130 million in additional follow-on capital. Becca also co-founded and led a technology company, SupplierInsight, which was merged into another company and ultimately acquired by Ariba (Nasdaq: ARBA), as well as several nonprofit organizations, including two networking groups for entrepreneurs.

Becca has served as interim CEO of a startup company, worked with regional collaboratives to create new technology funds, counseled a growth company’s board regarding a product-line discontinuation, advised on the creation of a statewide venture association, co-led a venture capital task force, and developed plans for commercializing a medical technology. Becca earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree in linguistics from Harvard University. She has received the ERC Group’s Hero’s Award, as well as Crain’s Forty Under 40, and spoken on television, in classrooms, on panels, with members of Congress, and in front of audiences around the country on entrepreneurship and innovation.