Stories. Strategies. Success.

The Braun Group creates biographies and memoirs for people interested in telling their own or someone else’s story. We work with you on each step of the writing and production process. The Braun Group specializes in great service (customized for each client), rich content (deeply understanding executive life and decisions), and modern production (creating a combination of classic and new media companion products that audiences love). These formats include print books, audio books, e-books, podcasts, study guides, chapter summaries, author/subject speaking engagements, and more.

Our team consists of former executives, seasoned entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, journalists, executive speechwriters, and award-winning graphics professionals and producers. We take pains to create and structure engaging stories—our best skills are developing stories that are fast-paced and character-driven as well as insightful. We have found that audiences love books that offer deep and specific insights about why someone made the choices during her or his life.

The Braun Group also does venture development consulting for select clients. For more information, click here.